Art Night Staff

Ksenia Zemtsova, Founding Director
Philippine Nguyen, Managing Director
Zarina Rossheart, Production Director
Lise Charpentier, Head of Branding
Enora Robin, Head of Publication and Research
Lucia Muñoz Iglesias, Associate Producer

Art Night 2016 Staff

Institute of Contemporary Arts, Artistic Director
Kathy Noble, Curator
Nefeli Skarmea, Curatorial Assistant
Kay Watson, Project Manager

Steve Wald, Technical Director
Barbra Egervary, Production Manager – Linder
Ali Beale, Production Manager – Alexandra Bachzetsis
Andy Pink, Production Manager – Xu Zhen and MadeIn Company
Nia Wood, Production Manager – Joan Jonas & Jason Moran
Holly Lewis, Technical Director’s Assistant
Matt Easterling, Technical Director’s Assistant
Elliott Burns, Production Assistant
Ben Street, Learning Programme Advisor
Alix Janta-Polczynski, Learning Programme Coordinator
Ruby Reed, VIP Programme Coordinator
Cora Rodriguez, Head of Marketing and Content Producer
Madeleine Ruggi, Project Assistant
Juliette Bouillot, Production Intern
Ria Witterman, Production Intern

Bolton & Quinn, PR and Press
Studio Frith, Design and Brand Identity
Four Colman Getty, Social Media

Louise Chignac, Publication co-editor
Hugo Glendinning, Archive Photography
Lewis Ronald, Archive Photography
Danilo Moroni, Archive Photography
Damian Jacques, Archive Photography
Neel Mistry, Reportage Photography
Jared Schiller, Video Archive


Thank you to our dedicated team of volunteer Art Night Guides, whose contribution helps to make Art Night an unforgettable experience for our audience.


Art Night Board

Dilyara Allakhverdova, Philanthropist and Collector (Charity President)
Simon Baker, Curator of Photography and International Art, Tate Modern
Jonathan Crystal, Barrister, Goldsmith Chambers
Simon de Pury, Auctioneer and Collector
Theophanis Theophanous, Managing Director, Barclays
Ksenia Zemtsova, Founder, Unlimited Productions


Art Night Advisors

Cherie Blair, CBE, QC, Chair of Omnia Strategy LLP
Andrea Schlieker, Director, Commissions and External Projects, White Cube
Ben Street, Art historian, Museum Educator, Lecturer and Writer
Sir David Tang, KBE, Businessman and Philanthropist